Whither RedMart

Update: As a fellow startup guy, nowhere near as successful as RedMart, I feel their pain. I am not trying to bash but in my opinion there are zero excuses for poor customer service and lack of communication to loyal customers. That is the stance I won’t back down on.

I opened the app last night – placed my order. My wife added a few items and then went to checkout.

I get a nice error – sorry, system error. Failed to get delivery slot. please try again later.

It’s 2015 folks. Why can’t it schedule me for days down the road so at least my order is complete?

Why didn’t the app tell me before I tried to order that I wouldn’t get a slot so I should wait till later?

Why didn’t it email me after I tried to place an order to let me know what’s going on?

Nope. Nadda. Nothing.

So it was 9pm. I called the help line. No answer. Called a few times. App says support is till 10pm. I guess I am in the wrong time zone.

I sent an email. Got the auto-reply. As of this morning no one has replied to the email.

So then I called the help line again. Got a nice person explaining to me there are no delivery times available. He doesn’t know when there will be. He said the site should have told me. I said I have never used the site – I use the app. Why doesn’t the app warn me before placing an order? He doesn’t know. I am guessing he can’t help. I feel bad for the guy answering the phone to be honest.

Throughout all of this I have been tweeting at redmart – yet to get a reply on twitter either.

Yes – I know they moved their logistics and shit – fine. But this deplorable customer service is inexcusable.

Also – this is not just me this is happening to :: https://vulcanpost.com/183101/redmart-customer-service/

4 thoughts on “Whither RedMart

  1. Hi Michael,

    This is Todd, VP Marketing for RedMart and responding on the company’s behalf.

    Your critiques are totally legitimate and frankly we agree with all of them. Our service to our customers has been very poor since 25 Feb when we started to have issues at our new fulfillment centre (and that’s not an excuse but an explanation). This in turn has exposed other issues such as the one you identified – the lack of notice in the app regarding limited delivery slots. We had always considered this an “edge case” since we’ve always had delivery slots available until now, but it points out that we need to be truly prepared for these situations and assume that some day they will happen, while also doing what we need to do to ensure they do not.

    We will soon be explaining to all our customers what happened, and what we are doing to fix and ensure that in the future we provide the excellent service that we are usually known for. We apologize for the inconvenience caused you and our other customers and hope you will consider shopping with us again so we can re-earn your trust.


  2. Thanks for the reply here. I wish you all the very best in getting it all going again – my kid needs diapers soon. I have come to rely on your service so much – I don’t even know how I will survive the week with a trip to an actual store to fight the crowds and schlep my stuff home.

    Again – thanks for the reply here.


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