Nice work RedMart

I took a slight beating by some folks yesterday for this ::

I don’t think I was doing anything but being honest. I love RedMart. Use it weekly or every other week. It has greatly enhanced my family’s life – we spend less time dealing with gathering items. I just open the app and presto – my wife lets me know they show up a few days later. Awesome sauce.

So when it all fell apart – I wrote about it. I was stunned to get this awesome reply on my blog ::

My premise was not bashing that things went wrong but they way they handled it.

I also think I discovered that they took care of the site, when things went haywire, but not the app – seems they corrected that. Cool.

So now they have also blasted this out ::

Congrats to them for being open, honest and clear in their resolve.

RedMart is a part, critical part, of people’s lives in Singapore. Congrats to them for getting to that point so quickly. It is telling that when things went wrong – people were affected. That means the service is a home run.

Hope the regular diaper deliveries resume soon!

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