Slow Scoot update

It’s Wednesday. Been more than a week since the campaign started. I can see Scoot reading my FB messages but they don’t reply.

We know see how the customer service process works – there is no service.

The people on the phone listen and supposedly take notes and then tell you someone will call you back. No one ever does.

On social media they ignore. Then you keep going and they ask you to use FB messenger. I  presume this is to take it off of the public space and into private messaging. 

You send them the required info and then tbey tell you someone will call you. 

No one ever does.

Low cost clearly means low touch.

Low class.



Saturday now. No call.

FB message asking me to send a screenshot of my issue. As if it was some technical error.

Told them to read the notes from the many calls I made where I was told they were for thwere manager who would call me back.

No calls. Going on a week soon.


original post on tues.
Scoot replied on FB on Tuesday evening.

I sent them a FB message immediately after.

They finally saw the message as of Wednesday night.

It’s Thursday.

Speedy delivery…

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