Biased advice

We all know it is a full on startup frenzy in Asia. Not saying it is a bubble but just saying its frothy but I have no complaints. However I would like to offer some unsolicited advice.

If you are a rockstar coder, a super sales person, an amazing manager or the slickest bizdev person this side of the North Pole – then just close this browser window and carry on with your world domination plans.

If you are neither of these but plan on doing a startup – might I suggest getting some work experience first? I am constantly stunned when mentoring folks or talking to people about this startup or that, how little experience some folks have in doing things that are key pillars in business. Selling, managing or business development. Again – maybe you have such a killer idea that this advice is just not warranted but for the rest of you, the 99%, why not try working for the big dreaded corporate or join another startup so that you can learn some things before taking the plunge.

I had a great lunch today with Dr. Bernard Leong. Yes – that Dr., he can code and has done quite a bit of entrepreneurial things in his life but still talks about all the things he wants to learn before becoming the CEO of his own startup. That Dr.

Me – even now I feel like I am being schooled in how to be a proper exec, manage a team and keep up with some incredibly fast moving tech. And I’m old.

The point is I see so many people struggling or thinking they want to start something and yet, all around us are good, funded companies looking for talent. I suggest joining as a cog in the big wheel and learning the ropes. You might not think it is cool but trust me, you will learn a ton and be even closer to starting your own thing.

Carry on.


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