Getting by in Singapore w/o a car or motorcycle

Singapore has awesome public transit – no question, but sometimes I just have to get somewhere in a hurry or work is paying and I need a cab.

I used to always use comfort SMS booking – in fact it is still the most convenient way to book a cab. sms postal code. Done. Kills all apps hands down.

Then Uber comes. I tried Uber black a few times and it’s awesome but a waste of money. I tried the other cab services and mostly they all suck but honestly – they are just cab aggregation apps that aggregate the same shitty cabs that like to tell me they don’t have change, their machine is down or they grumble about where I am going. So yes – there is an app for that. If what you want is cabs. I don’t.

About the only product as of late that works for me is UberX. It is cheaper than cabs and seems to be more readily available apart from peak times – which is a still a big Singapore issue. Now some will say – check out GrabCar – the non-taxi product from GrabTaxi.

Let me tell you how that went:

Order GrabCar
Argued with driver about where I actually was
App crashed
App restarts showing I have no booking
Called driver – still coming but thinks I am somewhere else but since no app I can’t confirm where he is going
Text driver – no response
Call driver – no answer
Call driver – no answer
Call driver – driver hangs up

I sms driver to say go to hell

GrabTaxi has the worst apps ever. I am still baffled where all the millions go. Durians I guess.

Back to UberX


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