I was sitting at a dinner with some VC’s and a LP talking about the region.

This came up:


I chatted a little about Yahoo and Koprol. How Yahoo totally blew it and this closing of Indonesia R&D was the signal for the slow, ever continuing downfall of Yahoo.

At the same time the Koprol deal kicked off the SEA deal making phase and created a group of techies that are slowly infiltrating the region working for startups or startung them. Or hanging at the mall.

I won’t try and list names. You all know who you are.



One thought on “Koprol

  1. Joey Alarilla (@joeyalarilla)

    Sigh. We really tried our best to build the Koprol community. But too much juggling, too many baĺls dropped, too little, too late support 🙁 But happy for everyone who’s following their dreams, building their own companies, and kicking ass across Asia!


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