Grinding it out

Day to day product stuff can be a real grind. Sweating out the details to eak some performance out by a mere fraction of a second, dealing with a partner who can’t code their way out of wet paper bag and pouring over printed contracts trying to make sure we don’t get screwed. You know, the fun stuff that no one ever sees but that make a world of a difference.

Given all that work this is one of those weeks that HOOQ can bask in the glory a bit…

Although the local trade rags don’t talk about us much, I think we raised too much money or something, the FT, my fav paper, mentioned us ::

There is much to talk about the OTT wars. I am working on building my second one and as I always tell people it is a marathon, not a sprint. User signups for example don’t mean much when it comes to “revenue”, but all that being said – there are a few of us out to get the prize. One could even argue what the prize is but for me it is to build a real revenue business in streaming content to people in the emerging markets. It’s a tough problem.

I will speaking about it here ::

I always mention how bizdev is a tricky beast for a startup – I have written about that before ::

Even with HOOQ I have been wary of BD due to the work it creates. For the last few months we have been grinding on this ::

How do you like them Apples?

BizDev is tough – be wary.

That being said we worked hard on shipping chromecast. It has been well received by our users.

Today we added one more thing – native chrome browser support for HTML 5 video. For the nerds – this is hard stuff that most common users can’t appreciate. Having to do secure video at scale with HTML 5 isn’t easy. We will fix the other browsers as soon as we can.



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