Doing versus saying

Lately been getting back into Seth Godin’s blog. Always a nugget or two in there.

Amazing his daily consistency.

We just came off a 3 day offsite at Jungle and we had some great, even heated discussions. As a new team we have a lot to learn about each other and we have much to discuss about our future. 

In my own life and work journey I keep thinking about my impact and my mark.

Realizing more and more that people love to talk – love to tell you about stuff but more and more I feel like talk is cheap. I am not saying this about just other people either – I am saying this about myself as well.

When I think about SeedPlus and what we are working on I realize that all I, or the team can do, is be able to look back after some periods of months, maybe years, and use our portfolio to speak for itself. 

It’s a scary thing to think about it but it is true. It’s a long game.

So stay tuned for portfolio announcements but note that it will take many moons to see the fruits of our work.

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