Ray Wu

As with all the lifestyles of an expat there is a not often talked about downside to being a foreigner and living abroad – the sadness when you make a good friend and they move back home or on to another locale. Of course this happens all the time and there is nothing I can do about it but due to the awesomeness of tech, FaceTime Audio is my fav, we can catch up and swap war stories.

I met Ray when he was working at JFDI and I was mentoring there. We would peel off from time to time and discuss work, family and what to do with ourselves. I remember Ray always contemplating a shift back to California and doing a startup. 

And that is what Ray is doing – MagicBus. Also stuff on yCombinator blog.

Ray and I had a chat this morning about product management, dealing with people and the ups and downs of startup life. This conversation was a good chat for both of us and just made me miss the days of doing this same thing but over coffee.

Ray – have fun and kick some ass with MagicBus.

Also Ray shared this link with me – it’s a good read.


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