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As stated before here, ::

I am interested, mostly due to the pain of always been running product companies in Singapore needing to hire people, in the intersection of recruiting, human resources and how tech might make the situation of recruiting, hiring and retaining people. There are so many angles to this and so many opportunities to make money.

So given the interest there is also demand and a lot of  companies in Singapore taking on the challenge.

Another you may or may not know is :: . Trying to marry jobseekers and companies quickly via a mobile app.


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  1. Looked interesting but I had to switch off the video after 15 seconds. Now I know I may not be the target audience, and of course my background means I have a very particular view on these things…. but are there ANY instances where a serious business got any credibility from using a 20-yr old valley girl for the voice of the business?

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