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Finally finished up Think Simple and I enjoyed it.

Last weekend was the last delivery of the FT weekend and I am going to move all my newspaper time into reading and blogging instead. I think a better use of my time.

I did not read Ken Segall’s first book, Insanely Simple, and after finishing Think Simple I assume I don’t need to.

The book is not earth shattering but it did help to drive home some key thoughts around what it means to drive for simplicity which we all know is not easy. Been in more than a few startups and once the org grows, trying to make stuff simple or keep it simple gets super hard.

I also loved the chapter on head versus heart since I see a lot of orgs doing the data only thing which I think is a mistake. I am big on the heart to and I think as seed stage VC, SeedPlus,  we generally have to look at the heart stuff more – team, culture, product and vision since the numbers to use the data path for decision making are not there yet.

All in all. Worth the read and there is plenty of stuff to apply to your day to day life emanating from the book.

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