Mark Mobius and me

Have my panel today ::

Once I saw I was in the paper next to Mark I hung out in the media room to ask for a photo.

He laughed once he saw the paper and quickly obliged.

Good times!

There are no tricks

As long as I have been in the startup or product game, I have heard from the CEO, the marketing head or the investor that there is always a milestone that when reached the business will lock into an upward trajectory. If we cross this number we are good. If we license this movie we will have so many viewers. If we build the sign-up flow this way we will blow up with users. If we re-factor the payment flow we will double payments. 

Hell, I am sure I contributed to a few of these fallacies. If I did, slap me.

Everything is essentially a slow build with a constant struggle to keep moving, keep growing and keep measuring. Rarely will a single event lead to amazing success. Normally the fluke success is not long lasting and many times success comes sneaking up on you since you have been too busy grinding it out to notice.

Seth is so on the money with this one ::

There’s a meta-trick that’s far more reliable. One that works over time and doesn’t depend on avoiding being out-tricked: Make great stuff. Satisfy needs. Do the hard work that leads to growth which leads to investment on its own merit.

It turns out that the trick-free approach is the best trick of all.

My writing view for the moment – love the iPad pro with the always on LTE:

My son and daughter are out there going crazy.

Enjoy your weekend.