Great VC post 

Thanks to Chris from for the link.

A must read ::

There is much to glean from the read but some spot I like:

Fear not, that wide open new paradigm does exist. What’s happening today on the Bitcoin blockchain and other new blockchains is incredibly exciting and intellectually consistent with Schumpeter’s model of creative destruction and the cyclical history of communications networks. If you still view Bitcoin as a techno/anarchic/utoptian/libertarian model for consumer payments, you haven’t been paying attention.

Very true. It is early days in the blockchain world and anyone working on anything cool in the space is really just getting started, so hard to tell traction and revenue models yet. This area is especially perplexing for me because I find it so interesting but yet it is not easy to grok and hard to separate the charlatans from the real entrepreneurs.

This is awesome too:

But more importantly, talk to people who are building things. Don’t just talk to founders of investible companies, but also talk to people who are experts in their field or following modes of thought that contravene mainstream thinking. Play with their API’s and go deep in forums, even if there’s no investment in sight. Mess around in the corners of the internet.

Structuring my time is really hard now since I have tons of folks to meet, lots of fund mechanics to learn, a team to manage and also need to find time to learn. Not complaining but time management becomes a big deal.

I’ll end with this one:

It is a difficult job. As I described at the beginning of this post, I was naïve when I entered this business. Two years later, I have graduated from being naïve to being dumb, because now I am no longer so naïve that I fail to realize all the things that are happening in the world of technology that I don’t yet understand. The license to study these things is what makes it such a privilege to work in venture capital.

I am super lucky to be where I am. If you ever hear me complain – slap me.

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