Sustenir Agriculture :: Cool stuff made in Singapore

I love the impact of tech on food production and figure we haven’t seen anything yet.

Saw this on kickstarter today ::

I look forward to the days I could buy some unit and put it in my closet and grow fresh veggies using less water and power than growing them normally does.

It reminded me of a tour I had the other day of Sustenir :: . Was killer to see what these guys are doing, see the process and taste some of the goodies. I won’t say much more than that but this type of stuff is the beginning of changing our food chain, reduce the need for imports and it will grow stuff without a lot of chemicals, plus it uses much less water.

That kale was damn tasty.

The world is a troublesome place and I don’t think tech is the saviour but I do feel that tech can help keep us on earth without totally destroying it. It’s also super awesome as a VC to get to explore this stuff while I learn about how capital can help fuel the positive tech changes in our lives.

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