The Future of Fintech

Nice post about Fintech from my partner at SeedPlus, Gabriel.

Enjoy and if you want to chat more – holler.

Nice article about Taembe from Vietnam

I mostly go on and on about Singapore but Don from Taembe sent me this today. I thought I would share.

When I first started working for Yahoo, I would spend a lot of time in Vietnam. Yahoo used to be the King of online in Vietnam. Everyone was on messenger, everyone used Yahoo mail and Yahoo 360 was the social network for Vietnam. It was fun doing business in Vietnam carrying a Yahoo biz card. 

Even saved my ass once at immigration.

I was going to HCM to speak at a government conference and I changed my flight to one day earlier than I had first booked. When I arrived I realized my visa date was for entry the next day. The immigration folks were basically saying I could fly back or hang in the airport till the next morning. Neither sounded like a great option. As we kept chatting they asked what was I doing in Vietnam and I showed them my Yahoo biz card. Boom. In like flynn.

Those were good years.

The world has changed and Yahoo is meaningless now.

Interesting to see the new breed of internet companies and I am watching to see if the started in Vietnam companies can start to take on the region and greater Asia. Time will tell.

Enjoy the weekend.

The Thiel stuff just rubs me the wrong way. I won’t lie.

I will leave the thread at that with my last addition from Dan Primack.

I will then remind folks of this post, since the world just need more “E” ::

A friend shared this link about Sesame Street and Empathy. It’s awesome ::

Makes me freak out a bit about raising kids. It is not about just having polite kids but having kids who generally care and who want to help others. I see as my kids grow they easily can remain polite but yet not helpful or caring. 

Empathy. Spread it around. It’s good for everyone.