Congrats to Moglix

Pretty excited to see this news finally come out – Moglix has raised their Series A round.

We are obviously a new firm, SeedPlus, and have a long ways to go but it is nice to see some early traction. One of the new challenges I am facing in being a VC is just being patient and constructive about playing the long game. When I was shipping product it was always pretty easy to get some short term satisfaction by shipping something, measuring it’s performance and then tweaking along the way to shipping an update.

Dashboards were my crack.

Now I have to just keep going, be patient and work with my team to shape the long game. It’s fun, but challenging.

So with Moglix raising an A we get a chance to celebrate a small milestone. It is also a nice example of the SeedPlus network at work with Ratan Tata, Accel and Jungle all playing vital roles.

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