Whither twitter

This is one of the more honest reads about twitter in a long time.


The bottom line is twitter makes money, isn’t growing much, has way too many employees and isn’t innovating much. As someone from the video world I don’t buy the tech feat around all the video since video at scale is pretty easy now. The hard part is local relevant ads, both making it perform and selling them. Twitter hasn’t innovated on any of that since the live streams I have watched in Singapore had no ads. Video is not that hard anymore. 

So video won’t save twitter. 

I myself thought Disney might have made a good buyer but I think Disney knows it will be a mess to clean it up.

Salesforce made zero sense. None.

I tend to agree with this brutal assessment. Reminds me of Yahoo. Marissa should have cut costs, focused and made Yahoo super profitable. Twitter should do the same but guessing it is too late. A 10 year old company has to do better than burn money.

But Twitter is past that. Somewhere near half a billion dollars of costs need to be taken out almost immediately. And that involves firing people and being a general tough-bastard. It’s inevitable anyway – because Jack Dorsey burning half a billion dollar per year isn’t a sustainable business. The cash eventually runs out. 

The problem is if you mix this with a Salesforce.com or similar company it will be really hard to take costs out in a disciplined fashion without upsetting the culture of the home company. Instead this should be fixed (with extreme prejudice by a disinterested outsider) before it is sold again to a strategic buyer.

Or – in summary: the best bastards are from Wall Street. And this needs a Wall Street bastard. 

I use twitter. I love it. It confounds me how little innovation there is.

– the clients suck compared to the non twitter ones.

– their is so little personalization. Like scrubbing my feed for shit it knows I don’t like for example.

– their developer program is a joke

I could go on and on. Problem is I would miss twitter if it goes under. I hope someone fixes it.

Life is better with twitter.

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