Still on the fence…

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Day to day I use an iPad Pro with the apple keyboard. When I was in the market for a new machine about 6 months ago, I figured the best hardware out there was the iPad Pro. I love the battery life, the true tone display and the always on Internet. Notice I picked the best hardware since I feel that is what you buy – the latest hardware. I figured I could get by with iOS for most of my day to day work.

There are times when this is painful. Crappy websites that don’t handle mobile browsers well, some aspects of file management and Google docs. Google docs tends to just suck on iOS apps and I bounce between iOS and the web version from time to time to accomplish certain tasks. 

However I generally like the ease of carrying around something so small that is always connected. I use it for note taking, reading and just getting shit done. It could be better but I get by.

I was assuming that as soon as apple announced their latest macbook that I would grab it. Now I am not so sure, but there in lies the issue. Apple is introducing doubt among their most ardent fans. I am waiting for the real life reviews to come and to go play with one before I decide. I would like to have a machine at work with a monitor and keyboard and the macbook pro will probably be great for that. 

I would have loved for apple to delighted me so much that I was ready to buy the moment I could. That didn’t happen and apple should see this as a canary in the coal mine.

I also may look for a killer chromebook and force myself to try that world as well since I think it is a glimpse into what the future may look like. For sure I won’t entertain anything from Microsoft cause honestly I think windows still sucks. I spent about an hour the other day making a printer work on windows that just magically works on iOS and MacOS. Microsoft is making some killer hardware and they are getting better at their craft but let’s face it, Windows still sucks hard. No thanks.

I think this post captures my feelings pretty well ::

Adding this link for another opinion on the matter ::

2 thoughts on “Still on the fence…

  1. Ok, the complaining about this is like a virus growing out of control and illogical. What exactly were people expecting / needing that they didn’t get and why isn’t it a pro level machine?

    a) Oh but we want more ports. We want more connections. We want different proprietary interfaces for all the different things? What? Apple is making it so everything is standardized on an industry standard??? This is like the first time EVER people are complaining about Apple going standard. Guys and gals…. they are paving the way so you’ll never need another dongle ever. EVERYTHING will just use 1 type of connection. Isn’t this what we dream about?

    b) Graphics card isn’t good…. Ok. Are you a 3d pro level gamer? No? Shut up. Are you a CAD designer? No? Shut up. It powers 4 freaking 4k displays!

    c) It only allows 16 gig of RAM. Geezus how many websites do you really need open at a time? If it’s like 20…. well that’s just a silly ego thing. I defy anyone to tell me they can efficiently keep track of 20 different tabs at a time or that they even really need that many open. Oh but you WANT them open. Right…exactly….ego.

    Are you a programmer that uses VMs…. well VMs on MBP aren’t real world use cases. Get a cloud VPS and do your testing properly. Everyone else… 16gig will more than cover your spreadsheets, your powerpoints, your word docs and your porn. Stop complaining over nothing.

    d) It’s too expensive. Yeah well… sorry about that. That’s just the way it goes now. Google Pixel is expensive, M$ Surface Studio is expensive. That’s just the way they’ll be pricing from here on out…. sorry.

    People…. the MBP is now just 1 pound heavier than the MB super light thin underpowered thing. Are you really so spoiled not to appreciate that????? I’m sure your backs all appreciate it.

    The display is *phenomenal* Again, your eyes will appreciate it. Dude it has a fingerprint reader with a secure enclave…. in a laptop! Who hasn’t been waiting and salivating for this.

    It’s a great machine. The touchbar is also super cool. It’s not just a gimmick. Be ready… gird yourself and prepare your complaints when Apple releases an all “touch bar” keyboard. Can’t WAIT for the over the top moaning for that one.

    Everyone needs to stop their moaning over things that aren’t relevant, that probably don’t affect them and that are GREAT for the future.


    1. Good points . Notice the last link I added at the TOP. I am most frustrated about having to buy a cable for iphone. The rest I am groking as the reality of all the trade offs.

      Again. I am waiting for the real world reviews to hit and also – I don’t see another machine worth buying at the moment.



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