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I posted this page yesterday which I will keep updating as I go. Nothing groundbreaking but figured this was easier than banging out an email each time someone asked about Singapore.

Carrying on. 

What a glorious time to be in the tech biz when it comes to all the tools being made for tech. I will leave on the table for a future post another subject to cover which is all the tools made for non tech and the investment opportunities that will provide.

I tend to break things down into speciality tools (like sketch for example), white collar tools (slack, office) and blue collar tools (stacck).

The white collar tool space is on fire and it is amazing to see old stalwarts like Microsoft make a comeback. Personally have always loved office and the iOS office stack is pretty killer. Makes Google docs look like toys for the most part. One of the crummy aspects of going iPad Pro only as been how lame Google docs is on iOS. Now with Microsoft shipping teams, I am curious to play with it and see how it goes.

Link on FB about all the troubles people are having trying to used teams ::

As to Slack. I am a fan and have been using it for the past three companies, but honestly it is feeling stale since not much has changed with it over the last year or so. I think they should have moved faster to deal with docs better since no matter how deep I am into slack I still have to find another tool for documents. And for me that default is office. I think Microsoft knows the score here. Slack should have used their cash to buy their way out of this problem. Or innovated. Now I am tempted to check out teams since I already use office.

Google. Well. Not a fan anyway but docs works and is great for collaboration but again it is so stale. Not much innovation and the mobile side of it generally sucks. I would dump it in a heartbeat.

There are other tools I have tried but I just don’t stick with them. Asana is one of those. I give it a whirl each time but it’s just overkill and I usually drop it.

Trello seems to be a winner and I should probably get better at using it. 

Facebook for work I have not tried and I probably won’t. I get it and I can see they have put some work into it but Facebook doesn’t care about the enterprise. Which means this is not a focus for them and I doubt it ever will be.

Personally I have used for a long time and will keep using Evernote but I don’t do the group stuff with it. It’s just my personal brain and I like it that way.

I am sure I have missed some other stuff. However I generally find that email is still a killer app and under utilitized. I think AI is going to make email even more powerful and people will realize that everything as chat is not the answer.

Use the comments to obviously prove me wrong. 😉

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