APAC banking app security report

Check it out :: https://letstalkpayments.com/launch-of-the-latest-security-report-on-bank-apps-in-apac-at-singapore-fintech-festival/


The report reveals that 85% of mobile banks were vulnerable to high, medium and low security loopholes and over 50% of apps were found to have at least four to six bugs in them.

Here are the key threats to the mobile banking applications that were studied:

  • 13% of the mobile banking applications had broken trust for SSL
  • 15% of the mobile banking applications had Remote Code Execution through the Javascript interface
  • 10% of the mobile banking applications had insufficient Transport Layer Protection
  • 12% of the mobile banking applications had derived crypto keys
  • 26% had other threats that could harm the security of their mobile banking applications

For more info – you can grab the report here :: https://medici.letstalkpayments.com/research-categories/security-report-of-top-100-mobile-banking-apps-apac

https://www.appknox.com/ and https://devknox.io/

Happy mobile banking day!


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