Thoughts on schooling 

This is pretty interesting ::

Obviously a work in progress but it feels like the right way to try and tackle a new period of education.

I don’t know what the right answer is to how best to educate kids. Even with my own kids I struggle a bit since I would choose options other than Singapore public schools but the options are not much better and vastly more expensive.

I have done some private school, some home school, some public school but very little university – my views are all over the place but my most enjoyable school experience was 4-8th grade. One room classes with one teacher and an assistant who took us through all of our courses, read books to us and introduced me to computers. Small classes with teachers who cared and who had also had other careers in their past – they were not teachers from day one. 

This actually may have been the difference – since they brought in their previous experiences and shared bits about real life and career theories.

Looking back I am pretty sure those 4 years of school were my most formative. I one day aspire to teach some after I retire.

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