Writing this on my new MacBook Pro. So far so good. Nothing earth shattering but a solid upgrade to the line and I think I will be pretty happy with it. Time will tell. My new work habit may be to use a proper notebook in meetings and do my work on the laptop – save the iPad Pro for video and leisure stuff or travel.

What did I also get that are amazing? The AirPods. Wow. Like magic. Easy pairing – great sound. The bass is pretty damn good. Love all the simple stuff like auto pause, one ear listening and just the overall easy use of them is really amazing.

I have a feeling I won’t ever leave home without them. I wonder what phone calls will be like with them but I think the one ear usage will be common which means it would last all day given the amount you get per ear.

Killer. Back to my Hibiki.

Merry Christmas!


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