Getting better at my craft

I like reading stuff like this since it often pokes me to try something new or just re-think how I get better at work. I enjoy working but I always feel like I can get better at it. Everything from time management, to improving my focus, cutting out the cruft and just working smarter.

This Jason Fried interview on lifehacker has a few nuggets ::

I dig some of this:

What’s your favorite to-do list manager?

I don’t track to-dos. I have a small handful of things I know I need to do every day. If I can’t keep them in my head, I have too many things to do. Every day is a blank slate for what I need to do. If something I was supposed to get done yesterday didn’t get done yesterday, it’s not automatically on my mind for today. Today’s mind is a clear mind, not yesterday’s remnants.


I’m a one-computer guy—a 12″ MacBook, so I can work from anywhere. Years ago I used multiple monitors and had multiple computers. Then I jettisoned multiple computers but kept the multiple monitor setup. And a few years ago I tossed out the second monitor and have been a single computer, single screen person since then. I go full screen on nearly every app. I also hide my dock. I don’t want anything pulling my attention away. When I’m curious I’ll look. Otherwise, I’m looking at what I want, not what someone else might want me to see.

I can’t stress this enough—protect your attention like you protect your friends, family, money, etc. It’s among the most valuable things you have.

I like the attention to focus – I need to improve on this a ton.

Have a few things I am going to try this year to shift my work modes and health.

  • more yoga and gym
  • eat less meals
  • use a paper notebook more for meetings
  • use a paper calendar for journaling time
  • use one computer (will write more about why the iPad is sub optimal for work)
  • gonna block more time for focus work
  • gonna read and write more

Much to do. 2016 in some global sense may have been shitty. Lots of cool, dead people. Trump and some sense of global chaos.

Personally – 2016 was pretty amazing for me.

New gig. Fucking love it.

New pad. It just feels better for me and my family to be out of the condo pressure cooker. I know it works for some but I like the space of a house.

Got married – yes. That was fun and excited about the future.

2017 is coming and there is much to do with family, work and life aspirations.

Be safe out there.

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