Seed Stage Docs

We think about creating something like this but right now don’t have the time. However I think this is a pretty good set and well thought out. I am not endorsing these but given the amount of crappy docs I have seen I think something like this is a pretty good place to start.

Also – if you are a founder trying to raise money and you have not read Venture Deals yet then you are making a big mistake. Get educated before you get funded.

Standing up to Google 

Check this rant from the Prof.

The shit sandwich here is that having legitimate news next to fake news has only made the Facebook platform more dangerous. When standing in line at Krogers, your bullshit filter is in high gear and you suspect HiIlary isn’t an alien, despite what the Enquirer and other supermarket tabloids tell you. However, the presence of the NYT and WaPo on Facebook has only legitimized fake news. Fuck.

Dear Hearst, Sulzberger, Murdoch, Newhouse, Burda families:

Remove your heads from your asses. Google and Facebook are your frenemy, minus the friend part. Turn off Google / Facebook / Twitter / Snapchat, form a consortium, and command the space you occupy. Take a page from LVMH’s playbook regarding their presence on Amazon — specifically how they’re not present on Amazon.

I tend to agree but guessing very few orgs have the guts to do anything about it.

Walmart and Jet

Going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Prof. Galloway is professing a huge writedown is coming but I’m not sure yet. Mark is a shrewd operator and clearly possesses the skills but the issue issue is can Walmart become something big in ecommerce or not.

Here is the latest on the recent layoffs and Mark’s memo to staff ::

I am also wondering how this will play out internationally. Flipkart is toast in the face of a lone battle against Amazon – might make sense for Walmart to buy it and use it to careen through Asia. I never got why Flipkart with all the cash and over payed execs stuck to India only knowing Amazon and Alibaba would go global.

Fun times. Big bucks.


I started playing with it when they started their open graph dev stuff just to see if I could build things on it. I never was a good dev so that went nowhere but I was always in respect of the platform – even if I don’t use it heavily.

I don’t like whatsapp but I know it is huge.

I stopped really caring about instragram ions ago but damn – that was the best acquisition ever.

I question all the VR stuff but I think AR will be huge.

Now this ::

Mark always seems to nab the best people and mostly buy the right companies. I am a happy shareholder as well.

I worry about FB core product starting to fall off but I think Mark also knows that and continues to surround himself with the best people and buy the best companies as needed.

Will be interesting to see how long the ride lasts.