About that ego…

Been reading the new book :: Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t – super interesting.

One of the things I find fascinating is the discussion around the traits of those who have built great companies and pretty much in all cases Ego is not on the list or the wanting to be known as the person running the company versus letting the results speak.

So I am listening to this Gimlet startup podcast about the founder of American Apparel. This is part 4 but all of it been pretty good and best to listen to them all :: https://overcast.fm/+DHBqvB8A4 . So Dove has started three t-shirt companies at this point. First two went bankrupt whether he claims to be the one who caused it or not.

Now he is working on this third :: http://www.businessinsider.sg/american-apparel-founder-dov-charney-is-back-thats-los-angeles-2016-9/

The lines I am trying to draw is although this guy has been able to build a big business from scratch, they always fail – usually going bankrupt. When you listen to him speak on the podcast he has some amazing ideas and is also trying to local manufacturing. Dig it.

But when you listen closely to him during some of the conversations he will discuss how even when American Apparel was cranking he was upset that people did not know that he was behind it.

Boom. Ego. His desire to have a name seems to always interfere and lead to his downfall.


Wonder what happens this time. 3rd time a charm?

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