New DLD Galloway Video Up

I won’t lie – I dig this dude. I don’t agree with all of it but most of it.

Some highlights to track:

  • Amazon to keep kicking ass and become the biggest of the 4 horseman
  • Facebook and Google to leap ahead of Apple. I agree that Apple is in a funk but I also think Facebook’s core product will be in decline.
  • He says Snap won’t go public and will decline in value. We should see the answer to that soon.
  • Says the wearable market is a mess. I agree. I keep thinking but have not bought an Apple watch.
  • Say VR is not going to be huge. I agree. I think AR will be bigger.
  • He also gets into the morale responsibility of the large platform players and how thet pretend they can shirk things like fake news as an example. Will be interesting to see if this gets any attention but I think it won’t under Trump unless he picks a target.

All in all another good video from Scott.

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