DRM is a pain but needed

Coming from the OTT world I can lament the use of DRM like everyone else but I can also tell you that without out – people will steal every bit of video they can. What else can one do about it then to try and protect it. Without DRM built into browsers the video companies with either push a plugin at you or use some other non-stamdard methods which just makes life harder on everyone.

I am with Gruber on this one – EFF is being kind of silly :: https://daringfireball.net/linked/2017/09/18/eff-w3c-drm


One thought on “DRM is a pain but needed

  1. Cory has become irrelevant a long time ago and this is just a desperate attempt to try and reverse the failure that is this entire campaign that the EFF has conducted against its fellow members and the entire Media industry and consumers at large.

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