Ray Dalio on Masters in Business


Ray has been doing the podcast circuit with the book being out but this was one of my favorite ones.

I don’t love Forbes but this article captures some of the salient points I am trying to grok and put into my work practice.

First is to have an “idea meritocracy” that spans across meaningful work and meaningful relationships.

I like this – may the best idea win and of course we all want rewarding work with good people.

I also like his framework for putting this into place with serious meeting rigour and a culture that supports radical transparency and radical candor. (This is why I am super excited that the next book up is Radical Candor by Kim Scott.)

Within these concepts there are rules for open disagreement, discourse for challenging ideas (not the people) and some protocol for making sure that when a decision is made – everyone falls in line to support it, regardless of where you personally stand on the issue.

I need to get the book and dig in.

Also excited to try and implement better goal and learning this year with another notebook..


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