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Program “Project Alpha” Siap Dukung Startup Tahap Awal di Indonesia – Dailysocial

Meluncurkan startup itu tidak mudah, banyak aspek yang harus disiapkan, teknis dan non-teknis. Dalam upaya membantu penggiat startup di Asia Tenggara untuk bertumbuh, SeedPlus dan Amazon Web Services menginisiasi sebuah program yang disebut dengan “Project Alpha”. Project Alpha memiliki tujuan untuk mencari dan memberdayakan startup pemula yang berpotensi untuk berkembang di pasar Asia Tenggara. Program … Continue reading Program “Project Alpha” Siap Dukung Startup Tahap Awal di Indonesia

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Trophy Board Members – AVC

Fred. Always dropping knowledge.

I got to this from toady’s Redef ::

Trophy Board Members – AVC:

I am a huge fan of independent directors to complement the founders and investors on a board. The quality of the board is highest when there are more independents on it than investors and founders. Try to get that ratio right on your board as soon as practical.

But don’t put “names” on your board. Put operators, ideally very seasoned operators, who have done everything you want to do, ideally multiple times, and can help you spot the issues before they become problems and spot the opportunities with enough time to go after them.

These ideal board members are often not big names and they usually don’t have big egos. They are solid, steady, and worth their weight in gold. They come in male and female varieties and across the racial and ethnic spectrum too. It is true that it takes a bit more work to build a diverse board of operationally focused board members but it is worth it.