(LINK) Skift Top Travel Startups to Watch 2019 – Skift

Congrats to Travelstop team – awesome stuff.

Skift Top Travel Startups to Watch 2019 – Skift:


Money Raised: $1.2 million
Headline Investors: SeedPlus

Skift Take: TravelPerk and TripActions are popularizing cloud-based business travel management in the U.S. and Europe. The startups offer services for high-growth, midsize businesses that are too small to hire full-service travel management agencies but too large to cope with travel booking hassles on their own. Travelstop aims to bring a locally relevant and uniquely sophisticated version of this concept to Southeast Asia. It can cope with local tax issues and preferred payment methods, and it can offer bookings on most regional and budget carriers. CEO Prashant Kirtane previously co-founded Travelmob, a vacation rental booking service that Expedia Group acquired in 2015.


(LINK) Libra Cryptocurrency: Facebook set to bet high on Libra crypto

Libra Cryptocurrency: Facebook set to bet high on Libra crypto:

Blockchain enthusiasts are also questioning whether Libra truly hews to the spirit of decentralized technology represented by crypto currencies worldwide. Facebook’s plan to comply with common regulatory requirements mandated by central banks like information about the user and usage of government backed securities, is in order to drive initial adoption of the cryptocurrency and the wallet according to Ramani Ramachandran, cofounder and CEO of ZPX, a Singapore-based blockchain startup.

“This is the opposite of true crypto. It is completely KYC-driven, regulated by local laws and influenced by anyone who wants to pay up to $10 million and be a validator node,” he said.

Nice quote from Ram of ZPX.

(LINK) Hong Kong; Xi going to North Korea; US-China trade and more propaganda attacks

So much going on in the China sphere – check the free issue today.

Hi everyone, I decided to make today’s issue of the newsletter free. If you like what you see please sign up for the Sinocism China Newsletter here. Group and education discounts are available. —Bill The Hong Kong protestors succeeded in scuttling the proposed extradition law, at least for the foreseeable future. We still do not know if the central government pushed Carrie Lam to move forward with the legislation or if she did it on her own initiative, but clearly it is convenient for the Party center to have people think she did it on her own. Regardless, the rebuke of the mainland and its political system by millions of Hong Kongers could not be clearer, and the damage to Xi and the Party’s reunification project that is core to the Great Rejuvenation is real.

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(LINK) Daring Fireball: The New Dropbox Sucks

It’s kind of amazing. First they raise prices and give more space I don’t need and then give me a new product I don’t want. It’s as if they want everyone to want a Dropbox for business style account but that’s the last thing I want.

I don’t share much from Dropbox – it’s where I file a lot of personal stuff. Might switch over to iCloud and drop Dropbox.

Daring Fireball: The New Dropbox Sucks
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