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iPhone XR

I have been using an iPhone 7S plus for a while. Everything works so no complaints – especially with iOS 12.

Been waiting for my contract to be up at M1 so I can move to their new unlimited data plans. Which will actually make my phone bill cheaper.

Happened to walk by an M1 shop to check on my re-contract and sure enough it was time to change my plan and get a new phone.

Since the iPhone XR’s are not selling well they have them super cheap right now. I picked up a 256G for 140 SGD – just silly.

At those prices of course I feel like the value is their and for me the biggest impact is the eSim – added my number with the QR code scan but apart from that faceID is just amaze balls.

Of course the phone is fast and the camera all feel improved.


Daring Fireball: On Netflix Pulling Out of iTunes Billing for New Users

Been beating this drum for years – Apple is to closed minded about working with anyone if the choose not to go the normal way.

Personally think this is why they can’t build a base in emerging markets – they basically want a credit card based relationship and many users in emerging markets don’t have a card. 

They were also way slow to carrier billing and still make non official alternative options too hard.

I hate using Android but Google is slightly easier to deal with in this regard.

Daring Fireball: On Netflix Pulling Out of iTunes Billing for New Users