(LINK) Police Shut Down Thailand’s Most Popular Pirate Site Following Hollywood Request – TorrentFreak

Jon covered this in the newsletter – http://atr.asiatechreview.com/issues/asia-tech-review-11-november-2019-209768

One of the video pirate sites was shut down.

Police Shut Down Thailand’s Most Popular Pirate Site Following Hollywood Request – TorrentFreak

What I am always surprised is how this is allowed to keep running – and it makes money too.


One trick they employ is you can’t see it in Thailand.


Singapore :: A local’s guide to Singapore – The Washington Post

This year marks my 20th in Asia. Yeah – I’m old.

In 1999 I started a short term stint in Hong Kong working for BEA Systems (bought by Oracle). Originally I was with WebLogic which was bought by BEA. See how that works? I assumed maybe a few years to learn about Asia, study Chinese and then get back to California. Right…

I did 4 plus years in Hong Kong, spent some time in Beijing, moved to Bangkok for 5 years and then found myself in Singapore.

During my BEA years I would travel weekly in Asia and would find myself in Singapore every other month or so. I will admit then to not really liking it but hey, I was living in Hong Kong and at that time of my life it would be tough to beat Hong Kong. 

However now I find myself much older, raising a family and want to focus on my career. For all of those goals, I find Singapore tough to beat. My kids are in the public schools, I am a PR (ogling to be a citizen), and the tech scene here is awesome.

I imagine I will be here for many more years and then maybe somewhere else in the world that I have never lived in.

For now though, Singapore is home and I dig it.

The link below is a pretty good read for stuff to do and see if you have not been to Singapore much or didn’t know about these places.

A local’s guide to Singapore – The Washington Post