Apple SVPs – All this

Spot in. I have no desire to go to the Apple store and I just hate having to need to any after sales support.

Apple SVPs – All this:

To me, Ahrendts’s five years in charge of Retail has been similar to Ive’s time as Chief Design Officer. The Apple Stores look better than ever, but they don’t work as well as they used to. No one I know looks forward to going to an Apple Store, even when it’s for the fun task of buying a new toy. No doubt a lot of this is due to Apple’s success and the mobs of people milling about, but Ahrendts didn’t solve the problem of efficiently handling the increased customer load.

Daring Fireball: My 2018 Apple Report Card

I think Gruber is too kind.

I give the retail experience an F.

Fun to browse but a pain to check out and getting service sucks and in places like Singapore – where they have a flagship store, they are too busy and always route you to the local repair place. Which frankly is a better service anyway so I go straight there.

In essence – I have no real reason to ever go to the Apple flagship store. Which is kind of silly.

Daring Fireball: My 2018 Apple Report Card:

I’ve disliked the experience of buying stuff at the Apple Store ever since they did away with queues for checking out. I just want to get in line, wait my turn, pay, and leave. Instead, the way to check out at an Apple Store is to wander around until you get the attention of an employee who has one of the handheld checkout iPod Touches. This can be maddening. My wife refuses to shop at an Apple Store for this reason. I know you can use the Apple Store app to check yourself out, but I don’t like it. Part of the reason Apple’s stores are too crowded is that people are wandering around trying to pay for things.

And getting technical support at Apple Stores is terrible now. In the old days you could just walk in with a broken or otherwise problematic device and get an appointment at the Genius Bar within the hour. Now, the Genius Bar is booked for days in advance — sometimes close to a week. In some ways that’s inevitable — Apple is way more popular now than it was pre-iPhone. But inevitable or not, the result is that getting support at an Apple Store now stinks. And frankly, the technical acumen of the Genius Bar staffers is now hit-or-miss.

“Today at Apple” is nice, but the primary purposes of an Apple Store should be shopping and service — and I think both of those experiences should be a lot better.

Apple in 2018: The Six Colors report card – Six Colors

I have an XR. It is the best iPhone ever. Great size and the battery life is amaze balls. I go all day, hard usage, and have battery to spare by the time I get home. That has never been the case for me for any iPhone.

For the screen is similar to my TV complaints – I don’t like LED TV’s. I still have too old, but awesome, Panasonic Plasma TV’s that I hope never die. Always wished I had bought the biggest version of them while they were still around. The colours are just better to my eyes.

Same way I feel when I look at my XR compared to my wife’s X – I like the LCD more.

But service and support is waning. Even with an Apple store in Singapore the service is no better.

We had a new iPhone X break within 2 weeks of purchase. My rule would if any apple hardware breaks within a month you should get a brand new device. Kind of like a lemon law of sorts. Apple, at the official store, refused and we had to get a new screen.

This week the same phone broke and I didn’t get it fixed at apple since it is out of warranty and it is cheaper to fix elsewhere.

The tech who fixed it showed me that apple did a ba repair job and a cable was pinched that broke but you can’t fix these things. Only new screens.

They suck.

Apple in 2018: The Six Colors report card – Six Colors:

There was effusive praise for the iPhone XR, which brought most of the features of the iPhone X to a lower price. John Siracusa said, “The iPhone XR gives us a glimpse of what a few well-chosen trade-offs can deliver.” John Gruber said, “After spending a few weeks using an XR full-time, I honestly question whether its LCD isn’t better than the XS’s OLED for my needs.”