I never got this part about VC

It’s pretty simple.

– Respond to emails – even cold ones can get a reply

– Follow up on warm leads

– Be transparent about the process and honest about the answer. If it is not gonna happen then just tell the founder early. They appreciate it.

– It’s okay not to invest and sometimes founders think if they get connected to you that you are somehow obligated but just be clear and responsive.

Being open and kind is pretty easy to do.

Nice 10 Item list from Hian Goh

There will always be a soft spot in my heart for Hian Goh of Openspace.

Short backdrop. I met Hian at some event in Singapore back when I was working for Spuul.

Hian was still at AFC, prior to selling it, and we would talk tech Singapore and life.

Then Hian went on to found NSI with Shane around about the time that I was looking to learn more about the VC industry.

At some point Hian offered a paid advisory role and of course I jumped at it. If it wasn’t for that chance I don’t think I would be a VC today.

Moving on…

Hian posted this on FB and I find it very useful and fairly relevant for all humans. 

Thanks for sharing Hian!


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