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Love the internet – it can be so useful

I wa listening to this ::

Noticed the author said he lives in Singapore.

Tweeted him and actually had a nice email exchange.

Picked up the book from Kino but you can get yours here.

I plan on attending this as well ::’s-next-great-power

Cool stuff.

Finished :: Next book up :: Hit Refresh | Michael Smith Jr. – Apprentice VC

Finished this up on the plane ride.

Overall good but I think the last few chapters were kind of weak.

I think MSFT under Satya is doing well and will continue to do so. Whether or not his broader views, which I think are good, can resonate outside of MSFT and infiltrate the rest of the tech industry remains to be seen.

This stuff with ICE using Azure is a good test of the new Satya/MSFT conscience.

Next book up :: Hit Refresh | Michael Smith Jr. – Apprentice VC