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Floodgate’s Mike Maples: Network Businesses Will Disrupt Your Business |

This is a great read. Lots to take apart in this one.

Floodgate’s Mike Maples: Network Businesses Will Disrupt Your Business |

Today, I am convinced that:

Software-defined networks will be the most valuable businesses, displacing traditional corporations as central actors.

Networks can bring exponential improvements in prosperity throughout the world.

Networks will encounter fierce resistance from traditional businesses, governments, and other parts of society that don’t want a different future.

Tech leaders are part of the problem, and this needs to change for networks to realize their full potential.


Singapore VC Openspace closes US$135 fund that includes investment from Temasek

Congrats to Hian/Shane and team.

Putting Singapore on the map!

Singapore VC Openspace closes US$135 fund that includes investment from Temasek:

Openspace Ventures, the VC previously known as NSI Ventures, announced today it has closed its Fund 2 at US$135 million. This brings the total amount of capital invested by Limited Partners (LPs) to US$225 million.

💼 – Get a Job (SEA region)

Good to see this is back.

One of the best resources in SEA region for tech/VC job hunting.

💼 – Get a Job:

This week we have selected 19 positions from Venture Capital (Openspace Ventures) to Startups (Transcelestial, CardUp, Homage, 90 Seconds, ViSenze, Tradegecko) to Centaurs (Mixpanel, Appier, Carousell) to Unicorns (Stripe, Grab) to MNCs (Zendesk, Rakuten, Google, Facebook).

One investing firm is behind a string of this year’s big money-making moments in Silicon Valley – Recode

Great read.

This one gets me – I know this feeling:

Undoubtedly. It’s an amazing company — we should’ve owned more. But for us, it was an incredibly important investment.

Index Ventures is quietly encroaching into the top tier of American investors. Here are five questions with them.

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Drinking From The Crypto Firehose – AVC

Some good points in here.


But we still don’t have consensus mechanisms that can scale to transaction speeds that are typical of mainstream web apps, we don’t yet have consensus mechanisms that are both energy efficient and battle-tested at scale, we don’t have an array of development tools that make building applications on this stack easy, quick, safe, and secure, we don’t have hundreds of millions of users with crypto browsers & wallets, and we don’t have all the other things that would need to be in place in order to move into the deployment phase.

But we do have the one thing that is the hallmark of a classic installation phase. We have a frenzy of innovation and financial capital that has been unleashed by the ICO boom, itself a creation of the crypto tech cycle.

Drinking From The Crypto Firehose – AVC
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