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Indonesia binges on e-commerce – Island shopping

PITY THE Indonesian courier. Delivering a package on the archipelago can be a daunting task. The country’s 13,466 islands stretch across almost 3,000km and to reach a distant atoll might mean waiting weeks for a boat. Many people in remote areas lack a formal address; their roads are nameless and their houses often without number.
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Sea’s E-Commerce Success Will Depend on a Juggling Act – Bloomberg

Great to see some writing that actually digs into the numbers and teases the truth apart. Versus a – SEA increased revenue post.

I am rooting for these guys – we need to take some pride in a homegrown player going all the way.

Trimming marketing costs while stoking revenue growth won’t come easy.

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What it Takes to Win the Southeast Asian E-commerce Market in 2018 – Amit Anand of Jungle Ventures

Some nice quotes from Amit of Jungle:

Amit Anand, co-founder and managing partner at Jungle Ventures, predicts 2018 is when “online-to-offline (O2O) will go mainstream in Southeast Asia. Many Internet businesses will realize that they can scale more efficiently and quickly and also provide better consumer experiences by creating hybrid, omni-channel models.”

Take Pomelo Fashion, an online fast fashion brand and one of Jungle Ventures’ portfolio investments, which recently launched an offline presence. “In the span of a couple of months, it has already experienced huge growth, both in terms of conversion and also an uptick in average order values of purchases made by customers,” shares Anand.


According to Anand, one of the critical factors for success in the digital world is the ability to collect, track, and use data.

“Digital interactions and transactions leave a trail of insights, but data cannot be effectively utilized if it is not captured comprehensive. This is an area where I always encourage our teams to start early and get a head start over their competition,” he says, adding that there are tools and frameworks now in place to help start-ups implement this more effectively and economically.

To be sure, e-commerce is still in its nascent stages in Southeast Asia. “In this regard, we can continue to expect more investments to come from companies and government bodies to improve and innovate on everything from discovery to last mile delivery,” says Anand.

What it Takes to Win the Southeast Asian E-commerce Market in 2018 –