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The Prof is good this weekend

I keep wondering when FB will TOP out.

I also think America is waking up on the gun thing – if all the big corps turned their back on the NRA , shit might happen.


The #1 reason Facebook won’t ever change – Om Malik

The #1 reason Facebook won’t ever change – Om Malik:

Facebook is about making money by keeping us addicted to Facebook. It always has been — and that’s why all of our angst and headlines are not going to change a damn thing.

Yup. Delete the app and use the web version as needed. 

People ping me on FB messenger but I don’t have notifications on – so I see them when I see them.

WhatsApp is so entrenched in people – I have to use it but I don’t want to. 

Instagram – got rid of the app ions ago.

Spend less time on FB properties folks – you will feel better, I promise.

Facebook Funded Most of the Experts Who Vetted Messenger Kids | WIRED

There is so much to write about FB these days. 

I don’t have the app installed but keep the account since many people use messenger. I don’t use Instagram anymore – mostly after FB bought it. I keep WhatsApp since agin – so many people use it.

I bought FB stock on the first big deep and of course have held most of it but I sold some a few months back since I seriously wonder with the Russian backlash, the VPN spying crap and now this – if eventually the tide will turn.

I think people may start to use it less but Mark was smart to buy a bunch of other stuff to solidify his revenue and monopoly moat.

This kid’s messenger stuff takes the cake though.

Right out of a movie.

Facebook Funded Most of the Experts Who Vetted Messenger Kids | WIRED

Breaking up Big Tech

Such a great video – check it out first:

I think a lot of what he says is terribly true and I wonder if most of the world’s governments have simply bowed down to Big Tech assuming that it will always do the right thing for everyone. Sure – these companies are doing amazing things but some of their success feels like it is coming at the cost of meaningful things.

I don’t have the answers but I think government and the people must remain vigilant and not always assume Big Tech has all the answers or always means well.

This is also why I feel conflicted about bitcoin or crypto – on the surface the ideas are amazing but at the same time it is for the moment creating another way to generate wealth that is concentrated mostly with the tech elite and creating a sense of moving away from central management of capital. This could be good or it could be bad, all depends on how you see it or benefit from it.

I think this post is slightly sensationalist but does make some meaningful points ::

All in all I am pro-tech and crypto is here to stay but the world still feels like it continues to bifurcate into the have’s and have not’s and I am sure that is a bad thing.