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Indonesia binges on e-commerce – Island shopping

PITY THE Indonesian courier. Delivering a package on the archipelago can be a daunting task. The country’s 13,466 islands stretch across almost 3,000km and to reach a distant atoll might mean waiting weeks for a boat. Many people in remote areas lack a formal address; their roads are nameless and their houses often without number.
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Program “Project Alpha” Siap Dukung Startup Tahap Awal di Indonesia – Dailysocial

Meluncurkan startup itu tidak mudah, banyak aspek yang harus disiapkan, teknis dan non-teknis. Dalam upaya membantu penggiat startup di Asia Tenggara untuk bertumbuh, SeedPlus dan Amazon Web Services menginisiasi sebuah program yang disebut dengan “Project Alpha”. Project Alpha memiliki tujuan untuk mencari dan memberdayakan startup pemula yang berpotensi untuk berkembang di pasar Asia Tenggara. Program … Continue reading Program “Project Alpha” Siap Dukung Startup Tahap Awal di Indonesia

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Everything starts somewhere. I think the old adage is the 2 people in a garage at the beginning working on a tech company.

In Asia there is a lack of garages for the most part but the rest of the issues and desires remain the same.

Some people are in a coffee shop, co-working space or their apartment or maybe their parent’s apartment.

Have computer will build startup seems to be the mantra.

Once that is settled you need some compute power, some tech/strategy help and if everything goes okay – you will need some capital.

Enter Project Alpha ::

Compute, help and capital all in on spot.

First off you can join the city events we will have – there will be four cities covered. Sorry if we are not coming to your city.

KL event page is up and taking registrations ::

KL pitch submission page is up as well ::

Jakarta, Bangkok and Singapore will follow.

If you have any questions – email us ::

Onward and Upward!