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RedDoorz raises US$11M pre-Series B, debuts its first fully leased and operated property

Congrats to Jungle Ventures – RedDoorz is killing it!

RedDoorz raises US$11M pre-Series B, debuts its first fully leased and operated property


Go-Jek buys three startups to advance its mobile payment business | TechCrunch

Will be interesting to see where this all goes. Payments is a mostly a low margin business so this isn’t about making money but more about making it easier to pay for things. 

Things being not just rides but I am still wondering if this is the playbook for domination or not.

I am still more interested in them getting into other countries and seeing if they can take all this stuff across countries or not.

Go-Jek buys three startups to advance its mobile payment business | TechCrunch:

Blocking time for (planned) chance encounters

I wrote this before about how I am trying to manage my time.

I always get asked as I have transitioned to VC from a product guy, how I feel about VC life. I think most folks are surprised when I tell them it is all good but managing my time is hard. Why? It is easy to get busy with all the stuff we do. Meeting companies, helping portfolio companies, fund management stuff, meeting LP’s and just spending enough time with your own team helping each other improve our craft.

I am not complaining but just highlighting that if I am not careful – I can easily fill up my day and then wonder where my time went.

Regardless, I still feel it is important to meet new people. Recently I was contacted to provide a referral for a former employee of mine. The person asking for the referral also requested a coffee to chat more. I have made time for these coffees and used my trusty admin Evie, Evie is well trained and knows that coffee meetings are 45 mins at a specific location I like, had it all set up in a few emails.

Yesterday I had that coffee. I am glad I did.

I actually got to meet the guy who helped lead the acquistion of Path and who ran the transitional Path engineering team. There were lots of interesting things I learned but not all I can share. Some small tidbits – the transition team was mostly all Koreans who moved to Jakarta, they all eventually moved back, there is one Indonesian engineer still working on Path, and Path is basically dying a slow death.

We enjoyed our chat given my Yahoo/Koprol experience and it reminded me that the “culture of busy” will keep these fun meetings from happening.

Have fun out there!



Suddenly Indonesia is getting a lot of press.

First this KKR report which is a really good read ::

Now Tim Draper is touring the town ::

I like to think I had a small part to play in kicking it all off.

Indonesia Panel at Deal Street Asia Conference

Full agenda is here ::

I will be doing a panel on :: Indonesia, Poised for Growth! Will it deliver?

I obviously have my hunches about it. I mean, not trying to boast, but I kind of helped to kick off the scene when Yahoo bought Koprol. Of course that didn’t go according to plan but it still was a huge milestone in SEA region and was a big shot in the arm in the Indonesian scene.

You can read more about that journey here ::

I am a big believer in Indonesia but I have my own feelings about how it will all play out but here is your chance to get involved.

Please leave questions you might have for the panel in the comments on this post and I will pick the best ones and use them during my panel and will also give credit to the person asking.

Get on it.