(LINK) After Uber flop, Go-Jek says it doesn’t need ride-hailing to profit – Nikkei Asian Review

Interesting. So when will they turn on other stuff in the expansion markets?

TOKYO — Go-Jek aims to build pockets of profit in its food delivery and finance, CEO Nadiem Makarim said, arguing that the Indonesian startup does not…
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‘The secret sauce is in making things simpler’ – The Hindu BusinessLine

I had the pleasure of working with Bryan at Yahoo – awesome guy and such a great mentor.

Interesting article about Adobe and India.

‘The secret sauce is in making things simpler’ – The Hindu BusinessLine

Side note – many people may not know but in the while Koprol story – Bryan was the one in Sunnyvale helping us get through it all.

In case anyone wants to dig into that :: https://seedvc.blog/2014/02/28/koprol-the-inside-story-part-1/

Indonesia binges on e-commerce – Island shopping

PITY THE Indonesian courier. Delivering a package on the archipelago can be a daunting task. The country’s 13,466 islands stretch across almost 3,000km and to reach a distant atoll might mean waiting weeks for a boat. Many people in remote areas lack a formal address; their roads are nameless and their houses often without number.
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