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Singapore Shake Shack

Was listening to this yesterday :: and after eating at Shake Shack twice whilst I was in Korea – I can’t help but yearn for them to come to Singapore.

Just leave a comment expressing your approval of our begging Danny to bring Shake Shack to Singapore.


Singapore the 🎯 

Was quoted today in this article ::

My general view is that although the Chinese VC and Chinese company activity in SEA region is probably the most as compared to any other region – my gut says that in general Singapore will continue grow to become a target of other regions like the USA and Europe as well.

Singapore has become the default SEA HQ and as the startups continue to mature – the attractiveness to Singapore acquisitions and investment will climb.

Ask A VC #6


Planning on creating a startup and looking to raise some angel money to kick things off. I want to raise money first from friends and family. Any advice?


First off, although it might be called the friends and family round, I suggest exercising caution in actually taking that round label seriously.

Note that most startups fail and if you lose all your capital you might find your family and friends to be a little upset. So make sure they know the risks and that this is disposable capital for them since they may think this is the new gravy train and trust me, it’s not.

Also make sure you do the paperwork right and structure it as a proper note and treat it like all other investors. Maybe sweeten the discount but don’t do silly stuff like promise to pay it back early or do non-standard terms that scare off your future institutional investors.