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Software may have helped Daimler pass U.S. emissions tests: report

If you watch the Docu on Netflix – Dirty Money ::, it is apparent the essentially all the European car makers with diesels are cheating. What is worse to me is in Europe they are still cheating or essentially not forced to fix it and dirtying the air like crazy.

This is where, for the moment, America is doing the right thing but one wonders if under Trump we America continue to try and lead the way in such matters.

Software may have helped Daimler pass U.S. emissions tests: report

Seed stage

There is always lots of ways to raise funds and lots of places one can raise from but I also think it’s important to choose wisely when you are at the start of growth and have a need for capital.

That being said – I love this Fred Wilson post ::

Low volume, high conviction, and high support.

Work goals…

I love how they describe themselves as “a low-volume, high-conviction, high-support investor.” That is who you want at your side when you are starting a business. There are a number of those types of firms out there, USV is one, Bonfire is another, and there are plenty more. But there are also plenty of the other variety; high volume, low conviction, can’t get them on the phone when you need them investors. So finding a high conviction investor to lead your seed or Srs A round is ideal and we have one more VC firm like that now.