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Why Product Doesn’t Win — The Information

This is so good. I need to digest some of the more salient points but I love the truth telling.

In the past few weeks, as some of the Valley’s most mature internet companies have faced crisis after crisis, there’s been a theme circulating that these companies, and Facebook in particular, has lost their product way.This chatter peaked when journalists and others suggested that Instagram …

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A Strong Cold Email Always Beats A Weak Warm One – Hunter Walk – Medium

Tend to agree but so many nuances here:

The “always find a warm intro to a VC” axiom is misunderstood. Its intent was to suggest that a mutual connection who can vouch for an entrepreneur’s abilities, experience and perseverance would be…

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a16z Podcast: Technological Trends, Capital, and Internet ‘Disruption’ — a16z — Overcast

Love hearing Fred and just his candid take on so many subjects.

Also some pragmatism around crypto but at the same time very interesting ideas of where it can go. 

The post 40m mark talks about digital goods and things crypto can unlock. Crazy stuff but still possible.

I read Fred and always admire his experience and just straight talk about the VC industry.

Go listen.

a16z Podcast: Technological Trends, Capital, and Internet ‘Disruption’ — a16z — Overcast