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Not missing the USA

I miss my family a ton. I miss old friends, camping, shake shack and long motorcycle rides along the Cali coast to nowhere. I really miss those things.

But what is going in America is scary. Trump, the FCC and the takeover of large unchecked tech giants is not a great future.

If you don’t already read Redef – you should start. Great daily curation of awesome web reads and the best part – the Rant from Jason Hirschhorn the Curator.

I love his work. I am hoping him and the Prof get together some time for a the Prof’s video series.


Always be learning has been a constant thread in my life. I think anyone who goes into tech probably accepts that without moving forward one will be left behind. And yes – the pace appears to be accelerating.

I wrote this one some time back ::

I still feel there are other ways to learn – one way is to apprentice. I am sure there are many others.

Someone at worked shared this read the other day ::

Wow. Eye opening to say the least.

This is telling:

The explosion of knowledge and the corresponding decay make one thing clear: we need to put a bigger priority on constant learning — as big an emphasis as we put on getting our optimal daily dose of nutrients, exercise, and sleep.

The whole article is a good read and will remind you to think about how to learn and to make time for learning. For me reading works but I find podcasts are pretty awesome too but I keep trying to figure out how I can learn a new craft or skill more regularly.

Brain exercise of sorts.

Have a nice weekend!

Breakfast with Gary V

gary_meHad a pretty awesome morning. I have read one of his books and for sure follow his LinkedIn posts. Hard to escape Gary V.

I knew he was coming to town and fortunately got invited to a private breakfast at PropertyGuru. A few of the local luminaries, myself and the PG founders were in attendance.

No agenda. Just a frank discussion about Asia, politics, startup life and Gary’s plan for the future. One thing that is pretty amazing about Gary is what he has created in VaynerMedia over the last few years but also his candidness about his plans. Apart from wanting to own a football team – he has plans to buy up distressed brands and rebuild them. I bet it will happen.

During our breakfast, or basically his every move, Gary has a videographer filming all the time. He says he plans to leave the videos to his family for eventual usage. Amazing if you think about it.

I learned a lot in 60 mins. I had a ton of questions rolling around in my head all day.

Thankfully the week is only half over. I have ideas.

BTW – VaynerMedia is coming to Singapore!



I am enjoying this new Q & A part of Term Sheet.

Some interesting sections…


What are your thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency and the blockchain as it relates to venture capital?

I struggle with two diametrically opposed positions on this. On the one hand, I absolutely love the innovation that the blockchain is bringing and see a lot of need for financial industry innovation and removing friction from that ecosystem. On the other hand, I believe that Bitcoin and Ethereum are wildly overvalued relative to any notion of what is value. I do fear and suspect that a lot of the short-term price escalation is driven by speculation and/or improper uses for things like money laundering.


What’s going on in the cloud space right now that you think Term Sheet readers should know about?

The massive replatforming of software continues, and cloud is that next evolution. We are doubling down in every way on the space now and absolutely believe that the trend is ripping through the software ecosystem.

It’s created a number of related trends where cloud is the enabler for enterprise mobile, and this notion that mobile workers can get access to great software products is now taking hold. We went from clunky heavy software, to a browser interface with cloud, to your phone with mobile. The next iteration will actually have the interface disappear, and you will interact with software much more naturally. The pace of innovation is accelerating, and each of these cycles is compressing.


You often point to a section on your website entirely dedicated to your biggest misses called, The Anti-Portfolio. Why does Bessemer showcase winning investments the firm decided to pass on?

We’ve had people call and notify us that our website’s been hacked: “Oh my God, someone put up an anti-portfolio on your page. You guys should know so you can take it down.” It’s hilarious, and I tell them, “Guys, just step back. You can’t take yourselves this seriously. Can you not enjoy a little bit of humor?”

We need to be able to make fun of ourselves. As good as we can be in this business, we still wake up every day and read articles of great companies that we missed or didn’t quite understand, and they materialized. We hope every entrepreneur we meet with ends up on one of two pages on our website — either the portfolio or the anti-portfolio. And we’re sincerely happy for their success either way. It’s not a zero-sum game. The spirit of the anti-portfolio is to acknowledge that even the best investors screw up all the time.

This is something we tracking internally over at SeedPlus.

The Splice Newsroom

Signed up for this newsletter today.

I used to work with Alan at Yahoo! and from time to time we have some coffee and discuss tech, people and news. Mostly though we will talk about news and where we consume it these days – or listen to it since we both like podcats. 

I used to subscribe to the FT weekend but found I wasn’t always reading it and figured I should read more books. Most of my news then is from online sources and podcasts but lately I have been actually listening to less news and getting the majority of my updates from – I like the email format with links. I also read Pro Rata and Term Sheet everyday.

From time to time I will use the Washington Post and New York Times app but not enough that I am compelled to pay for them.

What Alan and I talk about most though is there isn’t anything super amazing coming out of Asia that I look to as my news source. Hopefully with projects like this we will see some change and find truly quality newsrooms that provide content the way most of us consume it.

Alan recently got some $ from FB and is beginning to build things out, you can read all about here ::

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