I think this will be huge.

Meeting the founder Friday to hear about Asia plans. An old WebLogic alumni.


(LINK) Skift Top Travel Startups to Watch 2019 – Skift

Congrats to Travelstop team – awesome stuff.

Skift Top Travel Startups to Watch 2019 – Skift:


Money Raised: $1.2 million
Headline Investors: SeedPlus

Skift Take: TravelPerk and TripActions are popularizing cloud-based business travel management in the U.S. and Europe. The startups offer services for high-growth, midsize businesses that are too small to hire full-service travel management agencies but too large to cope with travel booking hassles on their own. Travelstop aims to bring a locally relevant and uniquely sophisticated version of this concept to Southeast Asia. It can cope with local tax issues and preferred payment methods, and it can offer bookings on most regional and budget carriers. CEO Prashant Kirtane previously co-founded Travelmob, a vacation rental booking service that Expedia Group acquired in 2015.

(LINK) UOB CEO sees South-east Asia as ‘haven’ from trade war

Still one of my fav banks in the region.

United Overseas Bank (UOB) is betting South-east Asia will shield it from the escalating trade war between the US and China, distancing itself from the approach of its two main rivals that have expanded their focus to Hong Kong and the mainland. . Read more at The Business Times.
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(LINK) Farewell Stripe – Raylene Yung – Medium

Farewell Stripe – Raylene Yung – Medium:

We’re building for APAC from APAC, with a localized development team: Every global leader I’ve met is visibly excited when I describe what we are doing and why. Many have spent years sending product requests to other offices (with limited success) or struggling to communicate in both directions. For us it’s still early, but it’s working — our Malaysia beta was launched with many cross-functional team members working together locally.

This is going to be fun to watch. There really is no other large global player like Stripe in Singapore building stuff for the region.

Google is doing maybe a little of this but seems to be only for India as of late.

None of the other global players are doing any engineering work in Singapore at all. 

Stripe is doing some great work – I love this latest announcement ::

(LINK) Not! – Michael Smith Jr. – Apprentice VC

Recalling my first post since I am using it to remind myself of how far I have come.

Not! – Michael Smith Jr. – Apprentice VC

Since I started blogging post my F&B career to rejoin the tech world, I have been using WordPress. 

This post is dated October 24, 2009.

It’s great that although I have moved my WordPress around a few times – the imports always work. I am using WordPress VIP know cause I don’t want the hassle and I wanted HTTPS – plus ease of upgrading. WordPress is the best and if you are thinking of writing or blogging, own your site.

Notice the logo. I was actually sitting in a conference – I think it was when Andrew Hyde was in Singapore if I recall. I was settling into my new Yahoo gig, and I was already hearing about the whole Asian thing around Key Performance Indicators. I honestly didn’t know anything about them, but I did the logo, or my brother did, and I started the domain Of course, no one knew what it meant or realised it was about NO KPI’s. 

I think of podcasting. I have considered an email newsletter. 

But I think I will stick with the blog. 

10 years is coming.


Singapore’s Bet on Tech Startups Gains Ground With 150 VC Funds – Bloomberg

Singapore’s Bet on Tech Startups Gains Ground With 150 VC Funds – Bloomberg

I won’t get into the numbers but I am sure it is possible.

Not sure volume is a good thing but it does show that if you want to do stuff in SEAsia related to startups, VC and corporate innovation that Singapore is the best spot.

Hands down unless you have specific focus in a country or a vertical that is better in a specific spot but if you are looking for a central hub then look no further than Singapore.