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Teflon Thailand

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As stated yesterday – Thailand is underperforming and it could soon affect all aspects of Thailand.

This is the most alarming stuff:

Domestic strains abound, too. Household debt is, officially, an alarming 78% of gross domestic product. Officially, because this figure only reflects money owed to financial institutions. It does not account for a sprawling “gray economy” awash in curb-side lending that often comes with extortionate interest rates. Indonesia’s ratio, by comparison, is about 17%. In South Korea, a byword for household debt, it is 100%, but Korea is a much richer and more developed country.

As of August, roughly a quarter of households had trouble making repayments on car loans, credit-card debt and in other areas. This ranks among the most obvious barriers to Thailand raising GDP growth rates to the 5%-6% needed to reach middle-income status. Domestic consumption drives more than 50% of GDP. The more debt households take on, the greater the drag on growth.

Another problem the junta has not addressed: a demographic clock that is speeding up. Last month, the Bank of Thailand warned its “aging society” could be one of the first developing nations with an over-65 population of 14% or more by 2022.

As long as I have been in Asia Thailand has had and largely acted like Teflon.

It may not last folks.

Richard Lloyd Parry · The Story of Thaksin Shinawatra: Class War in Thailand · LRB 19 June 2014

Old article but I have never read it and it’s good.

Thai politics is unlike anything this modern era has seen.

Sometimes it is not clear the motives or that almost everyone is to blame for the current debacle.

This article explains it all pretty well and is still quite relevant.

Richard Lloyd Parry · The Story of Thaksin Shinawatra: Class War in Thailand · LRB 19 June 2014

Thai Election Gives Businesses Incentive to Invest Abroad – Bloomberg

I wonder if these issues are also now showing up in the startups stats. I see less and less interesting stuff from Thailand and the overall stats for new companies is down. Of course startups play out over a longer period in some sense but the same issues that are forcing Thai corporations overseas have to somehow affect entrepreneurs and their desire to incorporate in Thailand.

Thai Election Gives Businesses Incentive to Invest Abroad – Bloomberg