(LINK) Exclusive: Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg on what’s next for Tumblr – The Verge

I can’t think of a better home for Tumblr. Automattic has the cash, the network and clearly Matt knows what he is doing.

Yahoo should not have bought but that is all history at this point.

I never used it and always prefer proper blogging like WordPress but I think it is a useful platform. But mostly porn to some extent.

Exclusive: Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg on what’s next for Tumblr – The Verge

(LINK) Not! – Michael Smith Jr. – Apprentice VC

Recalling my first post since I am using it to remind myself of how far I have come.

Not! – Michael Smith Jr. – Apprentice VC

Since I started blogging post my F&B career to rejoin the tech world, I have been using WordPress. 

This post is dated October 24, 2009.

It’s great that although I have moved my WordPress around a few times – the imports always work. I am using WordPress VIP know cause I don’t want the hassle and I wanted HTTPS – plus ease of upgrading. WordPress is the best and if you are thinking of writing or blogging, own your site.

Notice the logo. I was actually sitting in a conference – I think it was when Andrew Hyde was in Singapore if I recall. I was settling into my new Yahoo gig, and I was already hearing about the whole Asian thing around Key Performance Indicators. I honestly didn’t know anything about them, but I did the logo, or my brother did, and I started the domain nokpis.com. Of course, no one knew what it meant or realised it was about NO KPI’s. 

I think of podcasting. I have considered an email newsletter. 

But I think I will stick with the blog. 

10 years is coming.


Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang Recalls Meeting Alibaba Founder Jack Ma | Fortune

Jerry is such a cool dude.

I will never forget my lucky chance to meet him, filling in for another Yahoo exec who couldn’t attend the meeting, and suddenly finding myself on a Jerry special project. It never went anywhere but I got to have regular meetings with Jerry. That is all that mattered.

Love his honesty about luck as well – so many successful people like to pretend luck is not a factor. Right…

Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang Recalls Meeting Alibaba Founder Jack Ma | Fortune:

“In retrospect, what are the chances” of having Ma assigned as his tour guide, Yang asked. “I’ve always thought of myself as the luckiest person in the world because of the timing of my investment in Alibaba.”

Indonesia Panel at Deal Street Asia Conference

Full agenda is here :: http://www.dealstreetasia.com/events/?utm_source=dsa-website&utm_medium=top-banner&utm_campaign=2016Summit

I will be doing a panel on :: Indonesia, Poised for Growth! Will it deliver?

I obviously have my hunches about it. I mean, not trying to boast, but I kind of helped to kick off the scene when Yahoo bought Koprol. Of course that didn’t go according to plan but it still was a huge milestone in SEA region and was a big shot in the arm in the Indonesian scene.

You can read more about that journey here :: http://www.nokpis.com/2014/02/28/koprol-the-inside-story-part-1/

I am a big believer in Indonesia but I have my own feelings about how it will all play out but here is your chance to get involved.

Please leave questions you might have for the panel in the comments on this post and I will pick the best ones and use them during my panel and will also give credit to the person asking.

Get on it.

End of an era

Say what you will about how or the why, but it is kind of sad to see Yahoo go. The impact of Yahoo on the early internet can’t be argued with. As someone who worked there of course I think this didn’t have to happen but it did none the less.

Dan over at the Term Sheet has some good points on it:

5. Speaking of Mayer: I vividly remember the day she was named Yahoo CEO, because it was the opening afternoon of Fortune Brainstorm Tech and she had been expected to speak (on behalf of Google). At the time, I recalled Brainstorm attendees having lots of optimism about her tenure, given their belief that she’d supercharge Yahoo’s new product portfolio, as opposed to expanding its media efforts (in the end, she mainly focused on mobilizing existing product and continuing the media focus via things like digital magazine launches).

Most importantly, however, I felt that she was in a no-lose situation: She was taking over a ship that everyone believed was sinking. If she turned things around, then she’d be hailed as a business genius. If she didn’t… well, of course it sunk. Kind of like what I argued when Cerberus bought Chrysler.

This is not, however, the way things played out in the court of public opinion. A lot of that is on Mayer for a management style that rubbed certain people the wrong way (she was a first-time CEO), and a lot of that is on Yahoo PR for letting her appear on the cover of any magazine that would have her (the higher the profile, the steeper the fall). And, to be sure, her ridiculously large compensation package annoyed shareholders. But, in the end, I stand by my original sentiments. This was a 3-alarm fire that Mayer failed to put out, rather than one she started.

It is tough to argue with his premise on Mayer. Yahoo was going down the drain before she got there. But, I still think she had a swing for the fences strategy on one hand with all the acquisitions but then on the other hand never shipped anything. She also did nothing to cut costs. Any of us who worked there can tell you that Yahoo could have easily cut 5k heads and things would look the same but profit would be up. I was always down for trying this. It would be the advice to any company or startup – cut your costs and you have more time to sort things.

I also wanted to see a big layoff, close some shit and then double-down on what works. Not saying it would save Yahoo but would have given her more time and maybe allowed Yahoo not to sell.

As far as selling to Aol/Verizon – seemed to me to be the logic winner in this from the beginning but I wonder if they can do anything with it. Even for me – Aol is not really a part of my life anymore at all except for a few content sites they own.

Obviously I think Mayer made a killing for doing nothing really but managing the sale but maybe that was all she was ever intended to do but damn – what a payday.

Will wait to see what Verizon does next and I hope they don’t fuck up Flickr. Pretty much the only Yahoo thing I use.


I was sitting at a dinner with some VC’s and a LP talking about the region.

This came up:


I chatted a little about Yahoo and Koprol. How Yahoo totally blew it and this closing of Indonesia R&D was the signal for the slow, ever continuing downfall of Yahoo.

At the same time the Koprol deal kicked off the SEA deal making phase and created a group of techies that are slowly infiltrating the region working for startups or startung them. Or hanging at the mall.

I won’t try and list names. You all know who you are.