Daring Fireball: Electron and the Decline of Native Apps

It is interesting what Javascript everywhere has enabled but I do think that some apps could really use a native base – regardless of what OS they are running on. Some electron apps just are not great and I am not sure it will get better.

Daring Fireball: Electron and the Decline of Native Apps


Huawei CFO arrested, expect trade talks to continue as US-China tech strains intensify

Great quick take on the Huawei stuff and its broader implications.

Huawei CFO arrested, expect trade talks to continue as US-China tech strains intensify:

I have seen speculation that China may retaliate by arresting a US tech executive. That would certainly be explosive, but I am not sure Beijing would do that without a very clear legal case as it would undermine the massive propaganda campaign the Party has undertaken to portray the PRC as open for foreign business and as the defender of the global trading system. However, if I were a US tech executive I would delay travel to China for a bit or go on a vacation if based there…

Whither the Australian tech scene

Sad state of affairs down under in tech land these days.

First: https://www.afr.com/technology/tech-firms-including-airtasker-hit-by-rd-incentive-crackdown-that-threatens-software-sector-20181129-h18j51

This one seems pretty damaging – not a body blow but isn’t good sign.

Now this: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-12-06/australia-moves-toward-passing-law-targeting-whatsapp-signal

But the fundamental fact remains that the powers being sought by law enforcement are ill-informed, badly drafted and a gross overreach,” Digital Rights Watch said in a statement. “This bill is still deeply flawed, and has the likely impact of weakening Australia’s overall cyber-security, lowering confidence in e-commerce, reducing standards of safety for data storage and reducing civil right protections.”

RMIT University’s Gregory said the effect of the laws would likely spread beyond terrorist or criminal activities and into private-sector investigations.

“It’s too rushed, too broad, not well-defined and ultimately will be misused,” he added. “People will also be able to use this not just for criminal law matters but also corporation law matters.”

Feels pretty dangerous and I wouldn’t want to be working in security down under.

Maybe this will all blow over but to me it doesn’t bode well for the Australian tech scene.